Guidelines - Work package 6

The aim of the guidelines is to optimize the efficiency and quality of cross-border biobanking by capturing the concrete results of WP1, WP4 and WP5 in order to provide an instrument that can provide concrete and ethically and legally sound guidance in biobanking projects generally.

The precise character of the guidelines will vary. They may take the form of questions that should be considered or how to develop local best practices (e.g. for compiling a questionnaire to be used by illiterate donors), and sometimes they may take the form of a “standard contract” (e.g. an MTA) or provide general background information to be used in future rule- or decision making (e.g. on the different routes for applying for patents).

(leader: Jens Schovsbo (LAW). Participants; Janne R. Herrmann, Timo Minssen (LAW); Klemens Kappel, Morten Ebbe Juul Nielsen (HUM); Klaus Hoeyer, Niels Tommerup, Lars Allan Larsen, Klaus W. Kjær (HEALTH); Søren T. Christensen, Lotte B. Pedersen, Karsten Kristiansen, Jun Wang, Peter Sandøe (SCIENCE)).