Collection - Work package 1

The goal of the work package on collection is to explore and trace donor and collaborator interests at multiple sites internationally during the process of collecting and setting up of a biobank in Denmark. Interviewing stakeholders alongside the recruitment of participants and collection of samples in Denmark, Pakistan and the USA we seek to develop comparative empirical data (both qualitative and quantitative) on participant motivations, expectations and concerns.

We will conduct semi-structures interviews with donors, clinicians, researchers, as well as other collaborators involved in the acquisition of samples and information. Focusing on the motivations, interests, hopes and concerns of these stakeholders an empirically grounded comparative understanding can be developed. Given the differences in the locations and contexts of collection we will devise methods and tools that can be used and applied in order to take into account stakeholder concerns and motivation. Using this approach, the work package will contribute to identifying areas of conflict of interest among stakeholders that need to be addressed to ensure donor confidence and long-term sustainable collaborator relationships.